The Art of Cold

Insight and Updates from the Leaders in Refrigeration

Beverages For All Seasons

As the holidays approach, we are more excited than ever to introduce our 30” Beverage Column.
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Apr 22 | Preservation

Building Towards a True Green Environment

At True we are continually seeking out new and innovative environmentally-friendly components and processes. 
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The Art of Pickling

All you need is some great, fresh ingredients and a refrigerator!
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What's Shaking?

Do you think of salt when you hear the question, “What’s shaking?”
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Whether you’re a breakfast for dinner diner, a carb-conscious eater or simply you haven’t been to the grocery store lately, there are so many recipes and techniques when it comes to dishes to be made with eggs.
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Jan 1 | Preservation

Is It True?

Is it true that refrigerators will outlive all of the other appliances in your home?
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Honey, I Bought The Farm!

The idea of purchasing an entire animal to raise, slaughter and consume dates back centuries ago.
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Aug 21 | Preservation, Food

You Are What You Eat

What you put into your body determines your general health.
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We all have them.
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It's Picking Time

It’s picking time, and we’re not talking about choosing between stainless or color finishes.
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A Door for Every Taste

“There’s no accounting for taste,” they’ll say. We’ve never been satisfied with that answer at True.
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Why We Freeze

For most people, a freezer is a functional appliance. At True, freezers are designed to enhance our relationship to food.
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