The Art of Cold

Insight and Updates from the Leaders in Refrigeration

Back to School Basics

As the school year kicks into high gear, so do our stress levels.
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Glass Act

The thought of owning a glass door fridge is daunting to many, but it can be life-changing when it comes to organization.
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Fridge Only, Please!

When was the last time you went shopping for a new refrigerator?
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What's In Your Drawers?

Here's some suggestions to inspire you to consider opening those drawers to a whole new world of refrigeration.
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Back to Basics

Does it feel like you’re finally back on track and back to the basics in your daily routine?
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Storage, Please!

It’s a common need especially during this time of year when there are leftovers from family feasts, to-go boxes from office parties, and more.
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Counters Count

Counters are a top priority when designing kitchens.
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Jul 17 | Organization

Making Space For Space

Explore some tips to save some space in your kitchen.
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Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

In the commercial business, we’ve helped design installations that allow for multiple cooks to use the equipment.
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We Do Dimensions

There’s no question that our units are built to fit smoothly into your spaces.
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Apr 11 | Organization

Clutter Control

While we often think of build up in closets, on the floor or overtaking a room, one of the most common places for clutter is the kitchen.
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A Door for Every Taste

“There’s no accounting for taste,” they’ll say. We’ve never been satisfied with that answer at True.
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