You are what you eat is an age-old expression that has many origins yet one simple translation.That is: what you put into your body determines your general health. And while it’s a saying that has been noted by many great physicians, scientists and philosophers, it’s actually being heard and taken to heart most recently and most heavily by Millenials. Research shows the generation in the 21-34 age bracket is eating healthier, spending more money at grocery stores and demanding better foods in public eateries. It’s a true fact of living; it actually costs more to accomplish the goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And it seems Millenials are the ones willing to spend the money to do so.

Recent data from Goldman Sachs indicates wellness as a top priority for Millenials, and a daily, active pursuit. This generation exercises more, eats smarter and smokes less than previous generations, using apps to track training data and online information to find the healthiest foods. With apps that will deliver groceries, or take out orders from restaurants and cafes within the hour, a homeowner can do the shopping from the comfort of a treadmill, or just before leaving work.

Here at True, we are committed to a healthier you, from generation to generation. We were the first to discover a way to keep foods colder, longer, thus saving money while trying to keep a healthier variety of foods at home. Over the years, we’ve adapted our products to help keep your food the freshest it could possibly be, added space for storage and kept antibacterial finishes to keep your foods safe for consumption. Our forced-air refrigeration system enables proper airflow and even temperature: another feature to keep food fresher longer. We’re ready for any and every generation that wants only the finest in refrigeration!