To buy or not to buy? That is often the question when it comes to purchasing a bottle of wine instead of a case of wine. But then there’s the bigger question: where do you store it all? Once you become an avid wine collector, there’s no turning back. The love might start with a few bottles, a simple rack, maybe even some basement storage space. And for many, that passion can lead to building a wine cellar. But let’s face it, not every home is equipped with the space or proper temperature and lighting to build a cellar unless an entire new room is configured. Sounds like a hefty project that began with a simple question of whether to buy more than one bottle of wine.

WineColumnWIneColumnBlueWineCOlumnAmberHere at True, we say go ahead and buy the case. We’ve created a 30” Wine Column that’s 84” tall for those who want more than a small chilling station. Coming soon, the serious collectors can enjoy the same precision they are accustomed to… smooth-glide racks, great lighting, a stainless door and a glass window on a unit that holds and shows off up to 150 bottles of wine. That could be more than a dozen cases of wine, some bottles for hospitality grab and go occasions and random bottles collected, purchased and gifted along the way. You don’t need an entire room for your cellar… just an outlet and 30” across of space. We’ll say cheers to that!