Drought Coffee

Drought Cold Brew Coffee over True Clear Ice

There are several versions of the beginning of iced coffee. Some believe it dates back hundreds of years ago when a coffee concentrate or syrup was mixed with cold water. Others refer to the beginning of frozen coffee drinks. So let’s just go with it’s a popular alternative to the more traditional hot way of serving a cup of joe. Whether you are enjoying it on a hot summer day, after an intense workout or simply because you just prefer cold over hot, there are several different ways to make and serve it.

Some coffee establishments and restaurants take the easy way out and pour the hot stuff over a lot of ice and wait for the coffee to cool down, add some cream and call it an iced coffee. Others will make a batch through a slow-brewing process that can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, the latter being the “cold brew” method. But now for the fastest growing option in iced coffee: nitro cold brew. That’s the pressurized foamy way of serving coffee with bubbles. Just imagine if you could store it right next to your favorite beer!

The True Beverage Dispenser is versatile and able to pour more than just beer, and even more than coffee. Simply choose your favorite beverage to keep on tap and your home bar can be stocked in no time. It’s your choice.