Consider your choices: tonic and seltzer, Riesling and rosé, IPA and APA, lime and cucumber, simple syrup and vermouth. There is little so satisfying as serving a guest the drink that she wants. 

The best get-togethers aren’t always planned. They happen, at times, on the fly: a conversation at the office or a chance encounter after-hours. They require hospitality that extends beyond our friends to their friends and significant others. For the home entertainer, there is value—and satisfaction—in looking ahead, anticipating different tastes, and delivering what the moment calls for.

Whether you have an outdoor kitchen, a compact wet bar indoors, or a kitchen island that serves as the center of your get-together, a True Beverage Center gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to be prepared, to offer choices, to ensure a successful gathering of any kind.

With both 15” and 24” sizes, you can reserve one Beverage Center for the family’s juices and carbonated drinks and one for you and your guests’ cocktails, beers, and wines. In other words, when it comes to hosting an unplanned get-together, you can have your saké and drink it, too.