The classic white kitchen will most likely never go out of style—after all it’s timeless, fresh, and implies cleanliness with a bright and airy appeal. In particular, the Shaker-style kitchen enhanced by Carrara marble countertops and bright white subway tiles is always gorgeous, but it’s become the defacto design to adhere to. While their enduring value is unquestionable, at True, we offer many opportunities to make your kitchen uniquely your own —a fact that has recently resonated with the designers we work with. Cue our customization options.

Traditional Kitchen

White truly does not have to be boring. One of our most sought-after projects consists of a white kitchen that employs three of our custom 30” columns—a Glass Door Refrigerator, a Freezer, and a Dual Zone Wine column—placed side-by-side in antique white finishes and brass hardware. While technically still an all-white kitchen, the addition of the antique white finish and metal hardware to each unit yields a visually stunning picture that adds warmth and elevates the entire space. In addition, the inclusion of a glass door refrigerator is, and continues to be, underrated. That unit alone can be used to create interest and introduce color—from the obsessive who fills it with blue glass bottles to the person that spends his/her mornings artfully arranging and displaying fruit or even the seemingly messy family that tosses things in haphazardly—each adds color and dynamism to the kitchen. 


As interior designer AnnBritt Newey of ABN Design notes, “Going with an all white kitchen is classic, clean, and fresh, but it needs a little something extra to stand apart from all the others. I like to add metallic accents for that punch of personality and individuality! The customization options from True Residential are perfect to help achieve the wow factor most of us secretly, and sometimes not-so-secretly, want. True’s matte white finish paired with pewter hardware, black fittings, and matching cabinet hardware with striking lighting choices is a perfect way to achieve a more masculine kitchen with a bit of an edge. On the other hand, the antique white finish paired with gold hardware offers a softer appeal for a more elegant kitchen. Throw in a Gustavian chandelier, and the effect is effortlessly chic. Both customizations create very different experiences yet both are the epitome of sophistication.” We agree. In fact, we offer a True Customizer so our customers and designers can visualize customization options best suited to them or their projects in real time.