Brand Ambassador, Interior Designer, and Celebrity Personality, Vanessa Deleon Joins True Residential at the Architectural Digest Design Show


“As True Residential’s brand ambassador, I had the pleasure of introducing quite a few designers, specifiers, and consumers to the American-made brand at last week’s Architectural Digest Design Show. I am obviously a big supporter of the brand—I have their refrigeration units throughout my built-from-the-ground-up home—but it was quite a different experience to be able to show my fellow peers and design show attendees just how cool this brand is in person. And what a show it was… with an estimated 40,000 attendees, it was sometimes hard to even walk up the aisles—which is great! 

True Residential has absolutely every kind of refrigeration unit one could hope for, from indoor/outdoor undercounter units, to a Clear Ice Machine, and even a 30” Column dedicated purely to beverages. With the amount of entertaining I do, that is a surefire way to gain my interest—that’s without even bringing in the Beverage Dispenser, new 36” Freezer and Fridge Columns, and their ever-popular 30” Wine Column. But truly, to get back to business, True is a luxury refrigeration brand backed by a commercial DNA. So not only do I not have to worry about my units causing issues during my daily family and hectic work life, but they also fit my flair for some serious, and very glam, style. And this year, they introduced some ultra-chic colors. Between their showstopping 36” units and undercounter fridge drawers—all displayed in the new Emerald finish—that vibrant color was the talk of the show. Then, True topped off the designs with some eye-catching brass hardware—what a striking combination! It’s pure jewel tone heaven. And I have to say, they all paired really well with the light wood cabinets I had fun designing for their booth.



True also debuted their indoor/outdoor undercounter units in the Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware—and they looked GOOD. The entire bar setup lured people in left and right after just a glance at the matte black and brass undercounter bar set up—double tap beer Beverage Dispenser included. They truly upped the ante on indoor and outdoor living.

Last but not least, as everyone knows I love a bit of drama. True introduced a dramatic, Ultra Matte Black that can be played up or down and has one addicting tactile feel. Color is all about instilling an emotion, and as a designer, having the ability to design my kitchen, bar, lounge, or whatever area it might be with incredible finish and hardware options, is priceless. And my fellow designers seem to agree, their reactions were full of overwhelming excitement at the possibilities.  

Color helps to create an emotion, and it also offers us designers—and the homeowners who hire us—some incredible possibilities when it comes to kitchen design. Just wait until the unveil of my True-filled home.”