The Art of Doing Stuff  

Most people have trouble getting excited about a refrigerator. Blogger Karen Bertelsen is not most people . . . and True doesn’t make most people’s refrigerators. In Karen’s words:

“I can finally reveal to you, the fridge I chose. And love. And would sleep with if I could.”

Karen has been remodeling her kitchen, and it’s almost time for the big reveal. In the meantime she has begun to share certain aspects of the remodel that are finished, and she started with the fridge. She chose a stacked set of True refrigerators: Drawers on the bottomglass door on top.

We encourage you to learn more about why Karen loves our refrigerators on Karen’s site. Two of our favorite lines are below:


“The fridge is completely stainless steel, inside and out. It has digital controls for temperature, the door alarm and my favourite part, the interior light which is LED and can stay on even while the refrigerator door is closed. That means in the dark of a 3 a.m. cookie raid, there’s light leading the way to the milk.”


“To be honest with you I bought this fridge based entirely on looks. So after using it for a month or so I’m stunned that a good fridge actually keeps food fresher longer. Who knew.”