This Old House TV participated in a months-long restoration of a century-old cottage in Jamestown, Rhode Island.With the intention to preserve the cottage’s New England charm while modernizing it for a family of four, the additional challenge was to incorporate the couple’s net-zero energy goal into their soon-to-be revamped new home. Not only did the cottage have to be uniformly energy efficient, but it had to be done in a manner that aligned with the other homes in the neighborhood.


While we won’t get into the full restoration and renovation of the home (the ends results are fantastic), we are quite obsessed with the kitchen where True contributed a 42” matte white refrigerator with chrome hardware.

ThisOldHouse2The kitchen, which previously consisted of a very small amount of square footage tucked behind the original living room, showcases the biggest transformation of all. From a forgettable space lacking in natural light, the Jamestown project design team created a bright and airy kitchen with ample seating around the kitchen island and three new windows with views overlooking the back garden area. Quartz countertops with gorgeous white veining, a clean white backsplash that showcases a fresh take on the much-loved subway pattern, and a white and chrome stove with an induction top all play off our True refrigerator beautifully, and offer a clean, modern appeal. Two toned cabinetry with white uppers and white oak lowers and a substantial white farmhouse sink also perfectly complement our matte white and chrome 42” fridge, offering the ideal background for the family while they sit around the kitchen island during family dinners or impromptu cooking sessions. We loved participating in the renovation of this charming, farmhouse-chic Jamestown cottage, but we loved the couple’s goal most of all. While the series has aired on PBS, interested viewers can catch the episode featuring True here. Creating a beautiful home that relies almost solely on the energy it produces, is a sustainable ambition we can get behind. At True, we are continually seeking out new and innovative environmentally-friendly components and processes to reduce our carbon footprint. Our approach to manufacturing—all of our energy-star appliances are handcrafted in our solar-powered Missouri facilities—means constantly advancing our commitment to the environment.

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