FridgeStorage, please! It’s a common need especially during this time of year when there are leftovers from family feasts. Also, to-go boxes from office parties and what seems like endless bottles of wine gifted from the usual suspects. On top of that, your refrigerator is likely filled to the brim with your own extras to save in case of winter weather polarizing your city, or maybe having extra eaters around over the holidays. Where does one put it all?

We realize it’s likely unrealistic to just go out and buy a brand new storage column. Though practical, it’s certainly not an impulse purchase. Here are some storage tips to help you get by over the winter chaos until you make a solid plan to create additional space in your kitchen! We’ll be right here waiting for you!

Oh The Tupperware!

There’s a reason you see Tupperware decorated with snowflakes and red and green disposable containers all around you. It’s a normal state to be bogged down with more food and snacks to store right now. Go ahead and throw the Tupperware in your grocery cart. Chances are whatever you have at home is either in use, missing a lid or rotting in the car! When taken care of properly, Tupperware and its disposable counterparts can actually last for dozens of uses.

Bag It

It might be a challenge to get soup or stews to store well in a freezer bag, but extra vegetables, fruits, sandwiches and even noodles will slide right in comfortably, and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. And if whatever is being stored isn’t eaten in a timely manner, plastic bags can be disposed of easily, eliminating the worry of food odors in the trash, or dealing with cleaning crusty old food out of the dish it was cooked inside of.

Get Rid Of It

If you’ve made too much, bought too much or taken too much home, remember your local food shelters. Don’t be shy to offer a meal to the mailman or lunch for the trash collector. Even crews at local police departments and fire stations like to enjoy sweet surprises!