As most True Residential fans know—we are a St. Louis-born brand that specializes in luxury refrigeration refined for the home. What most of our residential customers might not know is that our commercial arm, True Refrigeration, was launched in 1945 by Bob Trulaske along with his father Frank (and later his brother Art) in their Lenox Avenue home. Soon after, their wrapped- rail roll-top bottle coolers for beer and beverages lined various bars and businesses in St. Louis. By 1948, the family-run company was picked up by 7UP after a company salesman happened to stop by a bar and enjoy one of those cooled beverages. That was the beginning of a longstanding relationship with 7UP, St. Louis, and a family + community-involved business. So you can imagine how proud we are to celebrate our professional ice hockey team, the St. Louis Blues’ victory over the Boston Bruins this week to win the Stanley Cup Championship.


We might have waited 52 years to claim the cup, but it truly just shows how much stock we St. Louisans put in our city and community. It’s also a reminder to always have faith and persevere when you know you have a good product/team/community—just as the founding Trulaskes did when they started a company out of their garage. How many ice hockey fans (outside of St. Louis) could say they had the utmost faith in rookie goalie Jordan Binnington when it came down to that final game? And guess what? He stopped 32 out of 33 shots, cinching the title for us!

Jenna Fischer

At True, we’re all about bringing people together, just as the St. Louis Blues have done—our city is literally singing the blues. And what better way to celebrate than with the people you love? Our stylish appliances cater to social gatherings and celebrations, with a large repertoire of indoor/outdoor undercounter units that can elevate your home’s entertainment aspect with tricked-out pool houses, full-service bars, and more. What we offer is essentially entertaining made easy with everything from single to double-tap beer Beverage Dispensers, Wine Cabinets, Beverage Centers, and more. And while they all come in our incredible assortment of custom finishes and hardware options from our Build Your True collection—our obvious favorite right now is the cobalt. While differing opinions and healthy rivalries always leave room to grow, we’re guessing fans of the long-running show, The Office, enjoyed the “Jim and Pam” + some impromptu cast appearances rivalry rekindled by actors Jenna Fischer and John Krasinkski this past week—Jenna is an avid St. Louis Blues fan (it’s her hometown) and Krasinski a Bruins devotee. Sorry Jim, we’re with Pam. Go Blues!


Image credit: @msjennafischer