In the world of design, trends, whimsy, and innovative new introductions can cause demand to fluctuate. Millennial pink might have been all the rage a year or two ago, but today, we rarely get a glimpse of the color. While at True Residential we don’t necessarily shy away from trends, as tastemakers, we strive to focus on incorporating designs and hues in an elegant, thoughtful manner with true staying power. Hence the recent introduction of a vivid Emerald and a striking Ultra Matte Black hue. What is definitely on trend now though, and which we offer in droves at True Residential, is customization.

Antique White Columns

Followers of our brand are already quite familiar with our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware—and those that are not are welcome to play with our True Customizer. It offers our customers the chance to outfit their designs—from our full-size units to our entire repertoire of indoor/outdoor undercounter units—in 48 unique color and finish combinations that allow designers and homeowners to introduce a level of sophisticated elegance into their kitchens previously unattainable in residential refrigeration. The kitchen is a universal experience, yet it is also uniquely personal. While some homeowners might wear their chic on their lapels such as outfitting an entire kitchen—from cabinets to appliances—in a color scheme of gloss black and gold, others might go for a more understated look with antique white finishes and gold hardware. The possibilities yield to imagination and all kinds of styles, from the most traditional to the more dramatic with subtle changes making a big difference.

Custom Finish Undercounters

Love the sleek minimalist kitchen with a bit of an industrial edge? Including one of our refrigerators in an ultra matte black finish complemented with pewter hardware does just that. Live by the sea? Throw in a glass door refrigerator in a vibrant cobalt finish with stainless steel hardware that reflects the colors of a coastal retreat. Live in a cottage by a meadow? Bring the colors of nature in with an emerald finished refrigerator with a glass door—perfect to reflect and mimic the various hues of the surrounding natural beauty indoors. For a more glamorous look, pop in one of our refrigerators in our gloss white finish with gold hardware. Changing the hardware alone can change the entire face of your kitchen. Bachelor pad? A refrigerator in a gloss black finish with chrome hardware will do the trick while a more dramatic approach might equal a glass door refrigerator in a matte black finish with copper hardware. The possibilities are endless yet each can be tailored to personality and style—that’s the true beauty of our Build Your True program of custom finishes hardware. Visit our True Customizer to detail your ideal kitchen.