Considering renovations and remodels for homes, boats, and hotels are at an all time high, we’re quite excited about the timing of our recently unveiled Low-Profile Collection. The ADA-compliant designs are not only UL-rated for indoors and out, in both residential and light commercial applications but they are also perfect for yachts, sailboats, catamarans, cruisers, and more. Is it really summer without a sail around the bay, sea, or any natural body of water?

Each unit in the collection is available in our large array of Build Your True finish and hardware options. Love a relaxing all-white interior when riding the ocean waves? Well take your pick from the collection’s grouping of 24” units—including a Refrigerator, Beverage Center, Wine Cabinet, and Refrigerator Drawers—and go for our matte white or antique white finish. Need a pop of color? While we offer all our units in stainless steel, complementing designs that play off the color of the sky and sea might be just the thing. Designers and homeowners can choose from our vibrant Cobalt hue or our serene new Juniper hue—each adding a unique yet striking look. All about color? Well our Saffron, Ultra Matte Black, and Emerald hues each make quite a statement in a galley, stateroom, or saloon.

We’re thrilled to provide a new collection that is not only inclusive but which caters to a variety of applications, including one of our favorite ways to spend the summer—on a boat. The addition of a wine cabinet ensures one can always enjoy a glass of wine—with lunch, dinner, or a spontaneous happy hour. Likewise, each unit in the collection allows for all entertaining needs to be met—from the Beverage Center which is perfect for summer brews and additional wine bottles to our Refrigerator Drawers, which can be used in a variety of ways. From storing everything needed for a delicious meal to keeping that favorite vodka or gin icy cold along with all manner of garnishes and accoutrements for cocktail hour, their multipurpose nature allows for added flexibility when hosting.