As experts in cold, we know the importance of precision. We know how crucial it is to maintain temperature, to properly preserve delicate wines, fresh produce, and high-quality proteins. 

While the precise design of our refrigerators lends them a clean, modern look, the design elements that you’ll never see give us just as much pride. Our True Precision Control®, for example, features sleek steel touch technology and elegant readout, but it’s the microprocessor control system inside—monitoring changes in the environment and maintaining temperature—that ensures accuracy. 

While your guests are remarking on the beauty of an ice-cold beverage, they won’t know about the industry-leading, exclusive cooling system that keeps interior temperatures consistent while promoting rapid product cool-down. But we will, and we take pride in those kinds of precise design elements.

Simply put, we design refrigerators that work the way you need them. They’re stylish, precise, and timeless. Our refrigerators won’t ever text you, but that’s because they’re doing their job, quietly, directing attention only to the precisely preserved food and drink in their care.

To see the precision of a True refrigerator for yourself, visit your local True dealer