While Milan Design Week—and all its accompanying exhibitions, installations, and launches—may only last seven short days each year, its inspirational value is seemingly endless. Below are a few of our favorite finds to match our extensive array of eye-catching finish and hardware options.

Multidisciplinary designer Piotr Dabrowa’s Juni dining table—which he created for Italian brand Serafini—was showcased at Galleria Ponte Rosso in Milan alongside the work of six additional designers. The design’s swirling mesh of varying sage colorways does nothing to negate the continued popularity of the hue. Meanwhile, Calia Italia’s versatile, pastry-inspired Macarons footstools offer a high aesthetic appeal combined with a little levity and functionality. Both designs look fantastic with our gorgeous Sage finish.

Jonathan Ausseresses’s gorgeous Fluence glass sculptures mimic the colors of the sky from dawn till sunset. Presented at LABO—a venue dedicated to design and cultural projects during the Milano Design Week 2023—the pieces were showcased against the changing light, encouraging the different patterns, volumes, and shades of blue to beautifully interact with the sun’s rays. The mesmerizing creations remind us of our latest, calming new finish option, Bluestone, and how its blue base subtly changes with the differing intensity of natural light throughout the day.

Desalto chose to showcase its Salone story through the color blue—Yves Klein’s blue specifically. With a minimalist booth designed by Francesco Rota—the focus revolved around the Italian brand’s newest products, aptly titled “The Blue Chapter.” Right: Available through Rademakers Gallery, Rive Roshan’s Colour Shift Sapphire debuted in Milan’s Isola district during Milan Design Week. The fluted panels shift and reflect color as one moves past, transforming light into movement. One of nature’s most sought-after colors, Cobalt remains one of our most popular finishes.