Moms shower their families with countless acts of love, showcased through small and large details and actions alike. They often serve as our family chefs, accountants, after-school teachers, fashionable consultants, multidisciplinary assistants, dog walkers, and more. And later in life, no matter our location or life status, our mothers often become our go-to therapists and sounding boards.

This May, let’s acknowledge and celebrate the maternal figures in our lives for their endless acts of service in the name of love. Below, we’ve put together a few of our favorite designs (and slightly extravagant gifts) to consider when celebrating the people that enrich our lives! 🌹

Is there anything more conducive to offering continuous enjoyment for an oenophile than a Wine Cabinet that perfectly preserves one’s most loved varietals? Our indoor/outdoor Undercounter Dual Zone Wine Cabinet can store up to 45 bottles and match any design scheme—it’s available in 72 unique color combinations. With ambient lighting accessible at the push of a button, our style-forward units present a fantastic function-meets-form favorite.

As the fervor for summer sun heats up, spontaneous gatherings with loved ones are easier than ever to cultivate. Our indoor/outdoor Retro Red Slide-Top Beverage Refrigerator offers the perfect way to keep a night sizzling while also keeping things cool. A mobile unit, it allows for families and/or couples to reconnect over a bottle of wine, champagne, favorite beers and/or more, at home—the design’s adjustable bin dividers offer an abundance of storage flexibility and leaves ample space for whatever libation is most desired.

Kickstarting one’s morning with a deliciously creamy Nitro coffee is one aspect of why we (and moms in general!) love our 24” Dual Tap Beverage Dispenser. While beer connoisseurs readily enjoy this unit, it can easily be configured into a coffee dispenser with the addition of our Nitro Coffee Kit, an optional accessory that also supports cold brew, and so much more. In addition, our units—shown in Sage and Bluestone, two of our newest, calming colorways—are available in a large variety of finish and hardware options to match any decor.