Gazebos, retractable screens, all-weather carpeting… are these words on your radar?Outdoor living isn’t just a trend; it’s a way of expanding habitable space while bringing nature up close. Gone are the days of a fire pit or grill and a little patio furniture for ambience. There’s the outdoor room and then there’s the patio.

Brentwood Outdoor

Homeowners now have complete room additions that are extensions of kitchens, breakfast space or living rooms. And this newly found pleasure room sometimes includes all season windows or automatic panels that allow for open air space, refrigeration systems including full service bars, indoor/outdoor furniture sets and even custom flooring to match.


House Beautiful features looks including tiled lanai, ivy covered walls, striped awnings and Mediterranean flooring to add cozy appeal to outdoor space. And they also love the True 15″ Clear Ice Machine, because it seems no one can come up with a reason to go inside to the freezer, get the ice and haul it back outside.

Our retail outlets can help you incorporate True’s products into the design that best fits your backyard oasis, whether it’s undercounter refrigeration to match the same level as your grill or a full-service refrigerator. The extra refrigerator or freezer for meat in the garage has become a thing of the past now that designers are helping homeowners build the space for it, footsteps from the main kitchen and within the comfort of the indoor living space.