“There’s space.”It’s something we always tell family and friends when inviting more guests over than originally planned for a dinner or small party. A simple shift in chairs or adding an end table to the dining room makes entertaining for more than the expected crowd appear effortless, as if the space was always there. So what if you could actually make more space, for space? A clear counter invites company, conversations, creativity, and more places for cooking and prep in the kitchen.

Look around your kitchen now. Do you see bread stacked atop your counters, next to the toaster? Do you see fresh produce in a bowl, waiting to ripen? What about bottles and cans that just don’t seem to have a place within your standard sized refrigerator? Wouldn’t those bottles of wine store better on their sides, chilling on a rack next to other bottles of spirits, water or juices?

TUF-24DAdding undercounter storage units might make it sound like you need to redo your kitchen. But the truth is it’s a small change that will deliver a large payout. You likely have wasted space already under your counter, in addition to those places we mentioned on the tops. Maybe it’s piles of Tupperware in one drawer, serving utensils in another drawer, old mail and photos on top in the standard “junk drawer,” and a mix of this and that within drawer number four.

Our 24″ Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers could be used in one (or all) of those four spaces mentioned and bring refreshment to your space. Or choose one of the 15″ Glass Door models and combine that with some drawers to add visual depth, creating the illusion of more space. Adding a few refrigeration units creates the feel of a larger kitchen by essentially making more space for that space we all crave.