Home appliances, mattresses, and clothing are some of the top purchases at this time of year. And you’ll hear sales teams delivering all kinds of speeches about why to choose one product over another, how some save you money upfront and others save you more in the long run. Here’s a question we overhear a lot: is it true that refrigerators will outlive all of the other appliances in your home?


The answer depends who you are asking. Among dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and microwaves, refrigerators do indeed have the longest life expectancy. But we say it depends who you are asking because we can only speak for ourselves.

FactorySince True got its start in the commercial industry, our products have gone through extensive testing. We’ve had feedback from commercial users all over the world on how to evolve and create the perfect line for homeowners. Once we made the decision to enter the residential world of refrigeration, we already had the resources for producing a highly functional unit refined for the home. It didn’t take us several models to figure out how to cool food faster, save energy while doing it and create a product that could withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Have you ever been in a chef’s kitchen? Talk about wear and tear!

So with proper maintenance and cleaning, we predict a life expectancy that will likely go past your mortgage pay off! If you ask us, yes, it’s true our refrigerators will last longer than anything else in the kitchen- even the roof of the house.