Donuts and coffee: they’re not just for office meetings, corner coffee shops or police officers. They’re for everyone! And the combination is such a popular and comforting blend that many are starting to keep it at home. Whether it’s for an indulgent breakfast, afternoon pick me up or a book club gathering, we are here to take the pairing up a notch.

With the ever growing popularity of iced coffees and other cold, caffeinated beverages, we’re realizing more and more consumers are buying our beverage dispensers to keep coffee on tap, not just beer. Sure, we’d love to have you switch around and see what works best in your home. But for the coffee and donut set up, we fell in love with this sample look created by The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis.


This dual tap dispenser has the “nitro” iced coffee on tap, which pours like a Guinness, stacked with foam and full of flavor. The iced coffee side offers a smooth, perfect pour set at just the right temperature making ice optional.


Oh the choices! We love the option for guests to enjoy a variety of milk mix-ins like almond milk, soy milk or regular milk in different fat ranges. But the Ritz also gets point for being so creative with syrup flavors, a sweetener station and a cool glass for that perfect pour. Fancy handwriting on a chalk paper “tablecloth” makes it all the more exciting for guests.


Any donut will do, and when in doubt, hang them on a wall to make options more apparent! We tried this at home and you can steal the donut wall look with insulation boards. Drill peg-sized holes in rows and columns and simply glue in wooden pegs. All you have to decide on is which kinds of donuts to buy!