In this gorgeous kitchen, three of our 30” units are joined together through our proprietary Joining Kits—including a 30” Glass Door Refrigerator, a 30” Freezer, and a 30” Wine Cabinet—all showcased in our antique white finish and brass hardware.

While libations of all kinds are important to hosting a successful holiday party—and our undercounter units do a spectacular job of storing them—we do truly love enlisting our full-size editions for soirées and more. If you are lucky enough to have the space, two of our favorite units—solo or joined together—provide a wealth of stylish storage, protection, gorgeous aesthetics, and for plenty of the season’s myriad of festive beverages.


For the ultimate at-home libations oasis, look no further than our 30” Beverage Column—the first unit of its kind dedicated solely to beverages! Featuring carefully thought-out shelving designed to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, this column makes prepping for a party a breeze. With glass doors, the luxury units also offer hosts the chance to beautifully curate the display of everything from mixers to garnishes to pre-prepped carafes of eggnog, holiday punches, and more. The best part? As showcased in our feature image, with our exclusive Joining Kits, it can be joined together with any one or two of our 30” models—including our Wine Column for one decked out libations stop.


Our Dual Zone Wine Column was designed with both function and form in mind for wine aficionados and connoisseur’s alike. An intuitive, dual zone system optimizes storage conditions while two independent climate zones—with corresponding evaporators that can be adjusted from 40°F to 65°F—allow for proper preservation based on varietal and/or personal preference. In addition, our proprietary microprocessor technology, the True Precision Control, monitors conditions inside the column and maintains the temperature/s set to ensure wines are protected from fluctuation and inconsistency. Steel-touch technology and a digital readout aids in ease of use while vibration-dampening, full-extension, soft-close racks protect the bottles. To get the party started even faster, our TruLumina lighting system illuminates the interiors in a choice of 14 ambient colors at the touch of a button.