When an exceedingly charming listing for a former parsonage pops up in Austin, Texas, what is a designer living in Washington, D.C. to do? For Lone Star State native Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey, founder of the eponymous design firm SCW Interiors, the choice to snap it up was obvious. “I lived on the East Coast for 25 years,” says Cavin-Winfrey. “I was ready to return to my Texas roots, and this particular home was perfect with all the natural light, terracotta floors, and high ceilings.” 

Since Cavin-Winfrey did not have the time to gut renovate the home, she worked within the existing footprint, adding shelving, moving windows, and reconfiguring rooms to better serve her purposes. However, as a designer with a former catering career—she previously attended the Culinary Institute of America—the kitchen was an exception. It received a complete overhaul. Previously decked-out in dated, lightly-hued wood shelves, cabinetry, ceilings, and window panes, the overly one-note space needed a bold makeover. The tray ceiling’s vertical wood boards were smoothed out, replaced with an elegant, neutral paint that allows the rest of the design elements—including the bright, kelly green True Residential refrigeration units and dark wood cabinetry—to shine. 

“I challenged myself years ago to use more green in my design projects. I had seen so many blue and white interiors that it was overwhelming, and green has such a direct and beautiful tie to nature,” continues Cavin-Winfrey. The decision was fortuitous. During the construction, former parishioners popped in regularly, wanting to check out how things were progressing at the former home of their favorite Bishop. According to these visitors, he loved to entertain, and as a lot of his parishioners were Irish, he held annual St. Patrick Day gatherings. The fridges’ custom vivid green hue—which is echoed in the breakfast room’s cabinetry—is the designer’s wink to the home’s former resident and his celebrated March 17 services. 

“I love color in the kitchen,” explains Cavin-Winfrey. “It brings so much joy, and I just think colorful kitchens are so inviting. And this particular kitchen is the soul of the house.” The choice of True Residential units was also a must for the designer. “I remember noticing True refrigeration many years ago,” she said.  “Every time I went to a hotel gift shop, they had a True column—when it was launched it was genius. I loved the wine and rack storage. Now, everyone does a wine column, but no one does a Beverage column. I 100% had to have it—it’s adjustable for bottles and cans, shelves can be added, and you can even put party trays in there. It has so much flexibility and the pull-out basket in the bottom is fantastic to store miscellaneous juices and so many other beverage containers that take up entirely too much space in a regular refrigerator.” 

Alluring, green-patterned tiles from Tabarka Studio line the kitchen’s backsplash while a coffee bar in a Robust Orange paint from Valspar pays homage to Cavin-Winfrey’s alma mater, UT Austin, and the Texas Longhorns football team’s signature orange color. Pendants by Regina Andrews, a Copperworks sink, stools from Gabby, and hardware by Addison Weeks round out the divine tableau.