How do you spend your Sundays? Many singles, couples and families do a weekly grocery shop, and then come home and work on meal preparation for the week. Some do it for budget reasons, others for time efficiency and most for an easy way to stay healthy. Whether you are cooking for the family or crafting grab and go items for yourself, we know the idea of storing a minimum of 15 meals a week- and keeping them fresh- can sound challenging. But guess what? It’s no problem for any TRUE refrigerator because they are all designed with the same purpose: keeping your food fresh and long lasting.


And just to be safe, we pulled some guidelines from for a better idea of how long some of the most popular foods last and what to do with your leftovers:

Stay fresh guidelines:

Egg, chicken, tuna and pasta salads 3-5 days refrigerated
Soups and stews 3-4 days refrigerated
Cooked Meat Leftovers 3-4 days refrigerated
Leftover Pizza 3-4 days refrigerated








While salads don’t freeze well, other fresh meals can be stored for up to a month or even longer in the freezer. The TRUE 48 has four adjustable/removable polished stainless wire shelves and three polished stainless wire baskets/drawers with a soft-close feature to make storage a breeze.

Translation: easy food access, exceptional visibility and no freezer burn, guaranteed.