Don's Appliances LogoDon’s Appliance’s has been a family-owned and operated appliance dealer for over 40 years. With five locations in Cranberry, Canonsburg, Upper St. Clair, East Liberty and now Robinson, Don’s is where Pittsburgh shops for appliances.


How was Don’s Appliances started?

Our company was started by our dad, Don, back in 1971. He was a service technician that decided opening an appliance store was a viable way to support his company. He worked on appliances during the day, then delivered new ones at night. In the ’80s and ’90s the boys (Don’s five sons) joined the company, and since then there has been significant growth.

Don's appliance family
From left: Matt, Tim, Terry, Don, Jason, and Nick Hillebrand.

“The boys” have major roles in running the business. What are the roles of each son?

There are currently six Hillebrand’s actively participating in the day-to-day business of Don’s Appliances. The oldest son, Tim, is the sales manager and head of marketing. Tim is active with the building and design community, as well as an officer in the NKBA. Terry, the second son, is head of service. He has pushed the service department to be nationally recognized as one of the top 100 service companies. He also was the lead in the new construction of our fifth location that houses the corporate offices, warehouse, service, and a new showroom. The third son, Matt, is actively pursuing contract business. He is the in-house expert of product knowledge. Matt has extensive relationships with kitchen designers, architects, and builders. He was instrumental in bringing True to the Don’s family. Jason, the fourth son, is second in command in service. He is the in-house specialist that pre-screens calls for parts and schedules the calls, as needed. He is also our pinch hitter service technician. If Jason can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed! The fifth son, Nick, is involved in finance, ordering, and selling. Nick is active with ASID and has built strong relationships with the design community.

“With a great warranty and the best fit and finish on the market it is easy to see why True has taken off at Don’s Appliances.” 


Don's Appliances Store Front
 Don’s Appliances location on Baum Blvsd. in Pittsburgh.

Being in business since 1971, we know customer loyalty is important to Don’s. How is this loyalty built?

The way we have built customer loyalty is to “do what you say and say what you do.” We are not perfect, but we try very hard to give the customer the best possible experience when working with Don’s. We sell, service, and install our appliances. We have a large service department with in-house technicians that work in our on-site shop. On the delivery side we currently have 30 people dedicated to getting product out as fast and safe as possible.

How did Don’s grow to five locations with a new distribution center to be the preeminent appliance dealer in the Pittsburgh market?

We grew our business with hard work and a lot of determination. Each Hillebrand pushes everyday to be the best. With this we found the only way to reach the topographically challenged Pittsburgh region was to put multiple stores to cover all areas- north, south, east, and west. We realized that we had to be more efficient with out deliveries and service and that led to the new distribution center and fifth location that share the same building. 

Finished warehouse

 New warehouse/distribution center, which shares it’s location with the fifth showroom.

How has your family impacted growth? 

Our family is the main reason for growth. We have vision, guts, and an unbelievable work ethic instilled by our parents, Don and Jill. Our employees have been instrumental to our growth, as well. Without great people to carry out the vision we couldn’t be where we are today. 

How does True fit into your product offering?

True has been a great addition to our lineup. The design, features, and overall quality have exceeded our expectations. True has delivered on all the promises made, and we love the fact that it is made in the United States, by a family-owned company. With a great warranty and the best fit and finish on the market it is easy to see why True has taken off at Don’s Appliances. 

Where do you see Don’s Appliances in the next five years?

In the next five years, Don’s Appliances will continue to do what we have done over our history. We will provide exceptional brands and services to our customers. Growth for us is organic, and it is embraced. We look forward to the future and to expanding out True product offering as they become available.