Ever since Three Dog Night covered Harry Nilsson’s most famous song, we’ve known that “one is the loneliest number.“ It’s with this warning in mind that we find ourselves celebrating what we at True call our “perfect pairing.”

 Perfect Pairing

Our 15 inch beverage dispenser (read: kegerator) pairs perfectly with our dual zone wine refrigerator to bring together the beer lover and the wine connoisseur. Add this dynamic duo to your home bar and you’re ready to serve your guests a big cab, a crisp sancerre, or a deftly poured pale ale. No matter their preference, you’re ready to supply the beverage of choice. 

Architectural Digest called this out in November’s “Essentials” section as seen in our recent post here.

On our top list of perfect pairings we shamelessly place ours somewhere between a Pinot Noir with duck confit and the pairing of champagne and caviar.


Perfect Pairing 2


The True 15 inch beverage dispenser can hold either a 1/6th barrel, or a slim 1/4th barrel. Literally thousands of craft and domestic beers can be found in these sizes across the US and Canada. With our exclusive air cooled tower we ensure a perfect serve every time.  

The Dual Zone Wine Cabinet stores 45 bottles of your favorite wines in two independently controllable zones for both long term storage, and perfect serving temperatures. Either zone can be set from 40 to 65 degrees. 

The two combine to form both a fun and functional space for entertaining family and friends, and no matter what you’re serving you’re sure to quench everyone’s thirst.