You might say color trends come and go, but isn’t that what a trend is all about? Here at True, we’re offering colors that aren’t just trends though, they are the new staples in kitchen design. Our most recent addition to residential products is the introduction of Cobalt Blue in the kitchen. When paired with Brass hardware, the results speak for themselves.


And now, colorful grout is coming to America after setting some trends in European and Australian kitchens. The online community of Houzz is featuring some of the looks from overseas and readers are writing in about their own ideas for using color in grout.

Whether it’s pink grout in the backsplash paired with a white True Refrigerator Column, or maybe teal to brighten spaces around a True Freezer Column in Matte Black, the kitchen is clearly the newest space to experiment, well beyond just recipes! Grout in the neutral shades of beige, cream and grey can also provide a more contemporary look though when paired with the True products in Cobalt Blue. Check out how the beauty of natural woods brings out the richest colors in our latest custom finish:


The decision is truly yours.