It’s a seller’s market out there.Realtors are complaining there’s just not enough inventory on the market for buyers to choose from. That means homeowners are reconsidering staying put and building dream spaces inside what they already call home. Maybe your lot isn’t exactly where you thought you’d be when you wrote out your dreams 10 years ago. Maybe you had hoped to upgrade in both square footage and designer finishes. Here at True, we have the perfect solution.

If you’re in that mindset where you’re considering selling and moving anyway, let’s face it, upgrades are a must to make your property turn-key ready. So might as well put in those finishes you’ve always dreamed of—you just might find that your own home is what you were looking for all along!


The first stops for upgrades are almost always the kitchen and the bathrooms. We can only speak true facts about kitchens, so if your space is limited and bumping out the current kitchen is not an option, fear not: meet our 30” Refrigerator Column. There’s no skimping when it comes to food storage, and you actually save space where your old unit was by converting to simply a refrigerator. We know, you’re wondering where the frozen goods will go. Let us introduce you to the 24” Undercounter Freezer. The two are a perfect pair. The drawer is just the right amount of freezer space to accompany a large-capacity refrigerator column. And if you don’t feel like it’s enough, simply add a second one to your undercounter remodeling job. You’ll wonder what life was like before you met True.