We are thrilled to introduce a powerfully enhanced 15” Clear Ice Machine. The newest model from our expansive range of full-size and undercounter refrigeration offerings, the unit’s augmented features demonstrate our dedication to consistently offering the best possible product.

We strive to constantly improve every single element that makes up our refrigeration units. From employing trusted, state-of-the-art technology to strengthening everything from the most undetectable to the most visible details, we are committed to excellence in design. Our original Clear Ice Machine model was already the highest performing, most energy efficient ice machine on the market available to homeowners, so this new introduction underlines our passion for developing refrigeration that exhibits optimum functionality and form. The unit is also, of course, available panel ready or in any combination of our large array of custom color and hardware finishes—perfect to suit any aesthetic.

Our freshly introduced Clear Ice Machine demonstrates a myriad of advancements that include, but are not limited to, an articulating soft-close hinge, a magnetic scoop that affixes to the interior door, and a touch sensitive capacitive interface. In addition, the unit utilizes a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant—which is climate friendly and cost effective. Boasting a bin capacity of 28lbs, our new model can produce an industry-leading 85lbs of ice per day—with a 30% increase in energy efficiency and a 16% decrease in water usage than its predecessor. These elements not only ensure cocktail nights (or days) will remain stress free, but also eco-conscious. The design, Ul-rated for both indoor and outdoor use, is also outfitted with our patented TruLumina lighting, perfect to set the ambiance as the last finishing touch to a fantastic cocktail—our Clear Ice—is added in.