There are beer drinkers, and then, there are beer lovers. You know the type. The type that plans vacations around touring breweries. The type that can identify a pilsner, a bock, and a stout in a lager line-up by color alone. The type that knows that a stout is actually an ale, not a lager (that was a trick). The beer lover can distinguish the body of a beer with a single sip; recognize whether it’s hoppy, bitter, malty, balanced, toasty. Who knew beer could contain such different and specific character? Beer lovers, that’s who. And to the beer lover, the real beer lover, beer must be served in the proper glass, at the right temperature, and with the perfect beer-to-foam ratio. We can help you with the temperature and foam bit, but you’ve got to find your own glass.


brentwood ddSay hello to the True Beverage Dispenser — a handcrafted, draft beer dispenser that we’ve engineered to deliver The Perfect Serve. Exclusive airflow technology ensures a consistent pour with every handle pull. Never put up with another heady beer again. True Precision Control® with steeltouch technology maintains precise temperature control for maximum flavor preservation, meaning you can enjoy your beer of choice at the chill it deserves. Of course, the real beer lover has a decked out home bar that turns entertainment into an all-out event. To properly outfit yours, the True Beverage Dispenser comes in 15 and 24 inches, with either a stainless steel or wood panel overlay finish. And for those connoisseurs who can’t decide between their two favorite beers, we’ve got you covered. The 24-inch unit has a dual-tap option so you can keep both your go-to lager and ale always on tap.

If you’ve got an amazing patio that’s great for hosting parties and barbeques, why serve imports out of a cooler? The True Beverage Dispenser is UL rated for outdoor use, allowing your guests to enjoy beer poured straight from the keg, as nature intended. Its compact size accommodates a slim 1/4 barrel or 1/6 barrel, and is sure to complement any space.

If you’re serious about beer, or just serious about entertaining, the True Beverage Dispenser is a must-have addition to your home. Visit us at and start serving beer, perfectly.