When Nicholas Vanderhovel of Dream Kitchens was asked to redesign a kitchen for a family out in Michigan, he expected to encounter a routine job. As he drove up to the home though, he realized it was most likely not business as usual. “I saw something in the back corner of the yard that I couldn’t quite make out. It looked like a zebra, but I thought ‘no way, we’re in Michigan, that would be ridiculous.’” Sure enough, Vanderhovel had definitely seen a zebra and he was intrigued. If they owned a zebra after all, chances were they were unique, interesting people.

The project proved just so. When Vanderhovel entered the home, he encountered a half-demolished kitchen replete with a grey, round slab sitting smack in the middle. With a design directive to create a kitchen that actually belonged in the beautiful, rustic log home, the designer set to work. Vanderhovel opened up the space, leaving room for the appliances to shine. He quickly pinpointed the two areas that would serve as the focal walls. “One of my fears of working with so many tall appliances was having an unbalanced or heavy feeling on one side of the kitchen, said Vanderhovel. “The glass door True Residential Refrigerator and Freezer eased that fear.” The units add depth and interest to the wall rather than layering it in solid stainless steel, and they also bring the focus back to that side of the kitchen.

To properly frame the kitchen and create a seamless flow, Vanderhovel introduced a second load bearing column for symmetry’s sake, wrapping both of them in stone borrowed from the existing ceiling. On the same wall as our Glass Door Refrigerator and Glass Door Freezer’s stand, the designer also included one of our 30” Wine Columns. The results are a balanced, nuanced kitchen that is made for entertaining. The gorgeous mix of stone, wood, and stainless steel offers a welcoming appeal that perfectly melds with the rest of the home’s decor. As for the clients? “They were a lot of fun and love their beautiful, unique new kitchen,” exclaims Vanderhovel.