This fall we added a striking new Ultra Matte Black hue to our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware.


The addition of the versatile new color joins a range of like-minded hues such as our Matte Black and Gloss Black options. While the idea might initially seem redundant, its subtle yet salient effect renders it far different in application to its similarly-hued counterparts. Our Ultra Matte Black showcases a unique tactile nature that can be played up or down on the elegance scale. It also provides a sense of drama, depth, and can even serve as a neutral. The new finish reveals an understated yet eye-catching appeal that inspires interest across the board—a hard quality to achieve with one hue.

Ultra Matte Black 

At True, our goal is to provide designers and homeowners the utmost in design flexibility in combination with exceptional performance and functionality. That sometimes means making bold design choices. Bold, though, does not always equal versatile. In this case, Ultra Matte Black has that quality in droves. We are delighted at the various different aesthetics that can be achieved with our new hue. By simply pairing it with one of our varying hardware options which includes Stainless Steel, Chrome, Copper, Brass, Gold and Pewter, the entire look changes. Adding Pewter hardware to a full-sized or undercounter unit in the Ultra Matte Black finish, for example, infuses the space with an industrial chic look. Opting for Copper hardware however adds warmth and a singular, more traditional appeal. Love Chrome? The addition of our Chrome hardware instantly elevates the look to a more sophisticated palette. The design possibilities span the imagination and also speak to a long tradition of mixing mattes and metals—this time with a more textural edge. The layers of design potential particular to the Ultra Matte Black hue is what drew us to including it in our ever-growing roster of custom finishes. There are so many iconic design ideas to play around with, but for now, we are thrilled with the ultra aspect of our Ultra Matte Black. To visualize various customization options, visit the True Customizer on