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Apr 11

Haute Hardware Cont.

As our clientele well knows, we love offering style-savvy hardware finish options! We previously covered some of the designs we most love paired with our Brass, Pewter, and Copper hardware. Today, we’re focusing on designs that make beautiful companions with a few of our most classic finishes: Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Gold. CHROME As a […]

Mar 28

Haute Hardware

The proper hardware can yield both subtle and dramatic effects that perfectly round out a design scheme.

Mar 17

St. Patrick’s Day

While green in all its many shades symbolizes renewal, we find products, spaces, and materials outfitted in the vibrant color both festive and refreshing.

Mar 13

The Power of Sage

In 2022, we launched our Sage finish. The restorative gray/green hue just happened to be simultaneously trending across the globe that year as well.

Mar 2

Entertainment Intersection

This designer embraced the idea that it’s almost mandatory to have a bar in the kitchen.

Feb 21

The Benefits to Panel-Ready Units

Not only do panel-ready refrigerators allow you to match the rest of your kitchen, but they showcase our commitment to providing the utmost in flexibility.

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