A year rife with excitement, 2024 promises to be another milestone year. While we just introduced Champagne, our Color of the Year, we’re equally as ecstatic to demonstrate our specialized custom finish capabilities with Sorbet. A sophisticated take on the pink craze hitting the design and fashion industries (and bolstered by a globally–popular motion picture), our new custom finish showcases our color acumen and exemplifies the unique allure of specifying custom colors. 

Delightfully glam, Sorbet perfectly illustrates our expertise in the bespoke finish department outside of our permanent collection of Build Your True custom color and finish options. Currently on view in our New York showroom (located in the A&D Building, Suite 603), it solidifies our commitment to always providing homeowners and designers the ultimate design flexibility. Just for that reason, our powder-coated finishes are designed to be able to color match any shade of cabinetry for a seamless aesthetic. 

There are so many reasons why we love Sorbet! Its rosy hue exudes cheer and happiness while its cool undertones impart a sense of calm. Meanwhile, Its charming versatility allows it to simultaneously accentuate a space with the perfect pop of color and/or serve as a dramatic focal point.

And, as with all our finish options, the Sorbet powder-coated finish is applied in-house for the ultimate quality control. Our state-of-the-art powder-coating facility is designed to craft elegant finishes while maintaining exceptional quality control and enhancing durability. The process is meticulously outlined from start to finish to coat the American-made brand’s exclusive 300-series stainless steel units in any hue. Technologically advanced electrostatic sprayers provide a smooth, consistent finish with no trace of application marks. Cured at over 400 degrees, our powder-coated finishes will hold up through everyday use—while looking great indoors and out. Sorbet is a special custom color that can be applied by request to any of our wide array of full-size units and any of its indoor/outdoor undercounter units.