It’s one of the first things babies do once they can pull up in the kitchen: open the drawers. Even the youngest minds like to know what’s inside. And here at TRUE, we’re curious too how you use your current drawer space. Do you sort items by frequency of use, or perhaps by kitchen tools and utensils? Maybe your kitchen is overloaded with the classically overused “junk drawers,” endless piles of old mail, unused snack packs, pens and pencils and simply put, wasted space. Here are some suggestions to inspire you to consider opening those drawers to a whole new world of refrigeration:



Fruits and vegetables will stay fresher longer when stored in one of our undercounter refrigerator drawers. Whether you shop at a farmer’s market, get your produce from a crop share or simply comb the aisles of your local grocery store, storing produce in the hub of the kitchen helps encourage healthier eating.


These days, kids are faced with plenty of choices in school, on the playground and even around family. The last thing they need to worry about is what kind of snack to eat in terms of portion control and what’s the best choice for providing sustenance to their growing bodies. So give them a drawer that takes away the guessing game of “What can I eat,” and grant full access to grab and go snacks like cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, apple slices, chilled grapes, yogurt, veggie sticks and little orange cuties.

Kid Snack


Ketchups and mustards, mayonnaise and soy sauce, olives and pickles, jelly and minced garlic tubs: these are the items that take up door space in the refrigerator that instead could be used for your favorite bottled drinks, leftovers stored in Tupperware and dairy items. Storing condiments under the counter puts heavily used items at your fingertips for final touch seasonings and add-ons for those little eaters sitting on the opposite side of the counter!

The Refrigerated “Spice Rack”

Think of fresh basil, rosemary stems from the garden, lemon wedges, orange peels and diced tomatoes… even apple cider vinegar and some oils that store better cooled. Imagine having a self-serve chef’s station at your fingertips for all of your culinary needs. All you have to do is chop and choose. We’ll take care of the rest!

For more inspiration on how to use your refrigerator drawers, watch the video below.