At True, there’s something almost magical about the number 45. Besides being an ideal storage temperature for many wines, it’s also the number of wine bottles that our 24” Wine Cabinets can preserve. And beer! 45 is the ideal storage and serving temperature for some of our favorite American dark lagers, classic German pilsners, and Belgian whites. Oh, and some of our can’t-live-without ingredients, like avocado, squash, peppers, and pomegranates. Most importantly, it also signals the year—1945—that True was founded.

In 1945, Bob Trulaske, a member of “The Greatest Generation,” had returned home to St. Louis from his service as a combat pilot in WWII and found a city poised to lead a design and engineering renaissance. Alongside his father, Frank (and, later, his brother, Art), Bob applied his experience, skill, and entrepreneurial spirit and developed a refrigeration company in his garage. From that garage, the Trulaskes built the first 40 cu. ft. upright freezer on the market. Soon after, they began manufacturing Wrapped Rail Roll-Top Bottle Coolers for beer and beverages.

Since then, we’ve developed (way more than 45) refrigerator models for the finest restaurants, hotels, and homes around the world. Our True Precision Control® technology has kept produce, beer, and 45 bottles of wine at a time perfectly preserved at 45° when desired. As of today, True Residential offers 28 different sizes and finishes of True Professional Series refrigerators, but make sure to stay tuned as we expand our line to, perhaps, 45.