LakeTahoeWe spend a lot of time in kitchens where there are indeed too many cooks. In the commercial business, we’ve helped design installations that allow for multiple cooks to use the equipment, wait staff to breeze by and managers to hover over shoulders. So it seems only fitting to take cues from the professionals when it comes to organizing your own personal space at home.

Whether you work alone or have multiple helpers in the family, one way to design and use your space is according to the rules of “the kitchen work triangle.” It’s a phrase that comes from the Building Research Council. The classical points of the triangle are the stove, sink and refrigerator, which translates modern day to the cooking area, the preparation station and the storage zone. But when multiple little helpers or junior chefs partake in kitchen duties, and as kitchens have evolved into the meeting and mingling zones of homes everywhere, it’s more important than ever to incorporate under the counter storage and refrigeration. That’s where self service beverage stations reside for anyone from family to visitors, and grab and go access to ingredients make it easier to follow along with recipes without having to step away from the prep zone.

With the ever growing trends to eat healthier, eat at home and eat together, it’s no surprise more homeowners are rebuilding kitchens for functionality improvement, not just for the aesthetics. Whatever the case may be, we’ve done the research for you and have the products to help simplify your life while bringing good health and long lasting memories to be made into the kitchen.


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