We all saw the power of the sun as it shined past the moon during the total solar eclipse of August. Did you know here at TRUE, we also rely on the sun to continue our efforts in conserving energy? 

Our main production facility is in the heart of Midwest, so we’ve partnered with Missouri’s Brightergy for the design and installation of solar power systems on 23 TRUE building locations. These numbers will probably blow you away, but the solar systems in our world of TRUE have allowed us to reduce our carbon emissions by 1,176,717 pounds per year.

We don’t stare at the sun, but we have 2,070 solar panels that do all day long. They are integrated into the Ameren Missouri power grid, so we have more amazing numbers we want to share now that the sun is the talk of the world. Our solar power creates huge amounts of environmental savings:

  • They produce enough electricity for 1,441 60 Watt light bulbs 24-hours-a-day for a year
  • The energy is equal to planting 428 acres of U.S. forest each year
  • We produce enough clean energy to power 48 U.S. homes each year
  • These numbers are equivalent to recycling 187 tons of waste each year

That last number is the same as taking 110 cars off the road each year. Now here’s a question we want a TRUE response to: what are you going to do to save energy by the next solar eclipse in 2024?