It’s the new norm when it comes to kitchen design trends: multiple cooling appliances. This means a simple refrigerator will do the job, but when designing a new kitchen space or remodeling the old, the professionals will recommend products that add convenience, sleekness and new zones that are standard in the kitchens of the future. The new norm includes:


Breaking up the units that have always been married can actually add space to a kitchen. Rather than planning for the standard 40-inch plus refrigerator/freezer combination, many designers and architects are making spaces for freestanding skinny columns. A single refrigeration unit opens up cabinet space and flow in the kitchen. And for many homeowners, an undercounter freezer option is enough storage.


When choosing a column refrigerator, the next suggestion becomes refrigerator or freezer drawers. They can be easily concealed underneath a larger island space that a homeowner might request for more “landing space” for family time in the kitchen. Units at your fingertips save time when reaching for ingredients in a recipe, smoothie or hungry child sitting up at the countertops!



With so many more bottled drinks on the market, from iced coffees to coconut waters, blended juices and cans of energy, there’s nothing better than having them readily chilled. A beverage or wine center comes in the counter height option or freestanding column to install closer to the garage door.


Why choose a larger refrigerator/freezer unit with an ice and water dispenser when you can have a separate ice maker that serves up nothing but fresh, filtered ice, at your convenience? Many homeowners are installing this unit in outdoor living space, or next to that sleek refrigerator column. It sure beats the hassle of spills and leaks often caused by overused self-service dispensers.