We might have been a bit ahead of the curve when we unveiled our Cobalt finish in 2018.But it was a hit then and the color has only grown in popularity. Just this year alone, varying shades of blue have been named “color of the year” by big paint brands, while haute fashion on the red carpet has been overrun by the heady color, and cool blue shades are filtering through interiors and product launches alike.

classic blue

Pantone’s 2020 Color of the year, Classic Blue, showcases the universal appeal of the primary color and all its derivatives. Blue, in all its shades, especially the classic blue Pantone is referring to, inspires serenity and relaxation—after all it is a color that recalls the sea and sky. One half of one of the most classic color pairings ever, the blue and white combination gained popularity back in the 14th century when it was widely used to  decorate Chinese porcelain after cobalt pigment was imported from Iran. The appeal of classic blue-and-white pottery continued until the 18th century, when Delftware, or Delft (blue and white) pottery solidified the color combination as a true classic. Pantone’s return to this classic shade, feels like a much-needed forecast of positivity and peace.


In turn, Sherwin-Williams’ new 2020 Color of the Year is a darker, yet no less attractive shade of blue. Naval SW 6244, a richy navy that the brand describes as a “hue that strikes a balance between calm and confident,” is reminiscent of the witching hour—a perfect complement to Pantone’s Classic Blue, which recalls warm summer skies. Naval is a color meant to inspire contemplation, wellbeing, and mindfulness. It also signals a return to bolder hues and a time period where luxurious finishes, marble and metallics included, meld together with rich colors to create spaces with a sense of depth. Despite Naval and Classic Blue’s differences, the thread holding them together is their versatility. Characteristics of the color blue render it with a natural affinity to fit into any design style and/or ambiance.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Globes alone, Renee Zelleweger, Glenn Close, and Sacha Baron Cohen in his striking Dolce & Gabbana suit were just a few of the attendees making waves on the red carpet—each decked out in a pale or rather bold version of the color blue.