In honor of Fourth of July, we wanted to tip our hats to our parent company, True Manufacturing. As an American-born and American-made company since 1945, all of us at True believe in the value of supporting the manufacturers, companies, and artisans who adhere to the same ideals. When in 2008, our luxury home refrigeration brand True Residential launched, we determined we would keep on the same American-made path and celebrate our partners and the like-minded brands that also adhere to this model. And what better way to approach the quintessential American holiday than to highlight, along with our own brand, another American-made brand and the products we love? Celebrate the Fourth of July in style!

Room & Board’s Emmet Tall Sofa in Red; True Residential’s Clear Ice machine in Matte White and Pewter; Room & Board’s Oasis Outdoor Sectional in Sunbrella Canvas Navy.

Room & Board, named as one of the “Most Innovative Companies in Retail” by Fast Company in 2019, shares our focus on handcrafted and quality materials, the American-made model, and on good design with some serious functionality. With a vast selection of indoor and outdoor furniture for modern—and most importantly—summer living, it remains that more than 90% of the company’s products are manufactured in America. Likewise, everything at True is done in-house—from handcrafting the coiled rolls of steel to the final powder-coated finish. But let’s move on to what we really want to focus on: creating the ideal outdoor retreat with products from both companies!

Montego Sofa from Room & Board; Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers from True Residential

From benches to undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawers, combined with Room & Board, we have the utmost to offer to cater to all of America’s favorite summer pastimes. Barbecuing, summer poolside parties, and/or backyard soirees and more, all of these products will ensure one sublime outdoor experience.

Whether you’re enjoying an adults-only affair or watching the kids run wild as you do so, Room & Board’s versatile Brook Counter and Bar Stools, which come in a range of eye-catching colors, sits at the perfect height to pour yourself the perfect draft pour from our single or dual tap Beverage Dispenser—which is also available in a beautiful assortment of color combinations.

For those that prefer a more relaxed outdoor time yet with a more sophisticated palette, going with a black and metal theme might just suit you best. Room & Board’s Aria Outdoor Table—shown in a graphite base topped with a marbled black ceramic composite—melds perfectly with our easy-access Undercounter Refrigerator shown in a matte black finish paired with gold hardware.

Then again, pure relaxation isn’t for everyone. For a more laidback vibe with a touch of fun, opt for Room & Board’s Boyd Round Ottoman in Phipps Spa Mist and our Clear Ice Machine—the most efficient ice machine on the market—in our cheerful new saffron finish. Might as well boost that sense of liveliness with some visual cues!

We all know some people love to match—so run with it! Shades of blue are always beautiful, especially in the summer and when one of the designs actually provides some shade. Room & Board’s Pacifica Square Patio Umbrella in Sunbrella Awning blue will protect you from those pesky sunburns while our Dual Zone Indoor/Outdoor Undercounter Wine Cabinet in Cobalt does the highly important job of keeping your bottles cool and protected.