As the summer months kick off, family barbecues, backyard bars, pool rooms, and outdoor spaces in general are being utilized like never before. As more and more states ease restrictions, people are beginning to venture out, but the most popular place to entertain remains the home. Our large repertoire of UL-rated for outdoors undercounter units make for the perfect setup for nights of entertaining at home—with some serious style to boot. Below are five outstanding indoor/outdoor designs—all available in our gorgeous finishes and hardware options that offer as much in form as they do function. New to the bunch? Saffron—a vibrant hue said to exude and boost positive energy.


Our Undercounter Beverage Dispenser is ideal for anyone who loves their beer poured just right. Handcrafted to specifically dispense the perfect draft pour, the dispenser features advanced airflow technology to ensure a consistently frosty, and refreshing flow. The unobtrusive 15” or 24” stainless-steel dispenser comes with either a single or dual tap and works both indoors and out—this is one unit that won’t go out of favor! Because it is outfitted with our proprietary TrueFlex® shelving system, the versatile cooler is completely convertible into a wine cabinet replete with the our patented TruLumina LED Lighting to illuminate your favorite bottles in a choice of 14 ambient color options. Best of all, significant others will love it too: it’s incredibly chic and can be customized in any unique combination from our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware. Visualize the results here.


The 15” Clear Ice Machine is the highest performing, most energy-efficient clear ice machine on the market available to homeowners. Which, as anyone who loves summer parties understands, good ice is a must. This particular ice is not only much denser than regular ice—yielding a slower melting speed and the ability to actually savor a drink—but it’s absolutely clear. Forget the cloudy cubes that dominate the market, our perfectly clear ice elevates any cocktail to a work of art. Despite its small square footage, the Clear Ice Machine produces up to 70lbs a day of clear ice and can store 28lbs at a time. So in essence, it’s cocktail hour, every hour, on the hour. The units are also outfitted with the our patented TruLumina lighting: from a party-starting fuchsia hue to a soothing blue and a fiery red, each color is designed to set the mood. Furthermore, homeowners can choose from 54 unique finish and hardware options from our Build Your True collection for one stylish exterior.


While a wine cellar might be ideal, for those that love to enjoy the summer months outdoors, our Dual Zone Wine Cabinet and storage system is pretty fantastic. It’s specifically designed to preserve a variety of bottles with independent climate zones allowing for separate temperature ranges (from 40°F to 65°F), while glide-out, vibration dampening racks hold up to 45 bottles and protect that special vintage. Our TruLumina LED lighting—replete with 14 different color options—allow for the ambiance to fit your mood. Our vibrant finish options, including emerald, cobalt, and saffron might be just the pop of color you need in your backyard setup! More subdued finishes such as matte white, glossy black, ultra matte black, and antique white can cater to an entirely different aesthetic. In addition, our True Customizer allows customers to find the finish/hardware combination that best suits their style.


Ideal for entertaining, our 24” Undercounter Refrigerator will keep drinks for both kids and adults icy cold (as low as 33°F), and features a technology that enables rapid cooldown and maintenance of beverages. With the Undercounter Refrigerator, warm snacks, beer and/or soft drinks will no longer put a damper a day of outside play. Features include a balanced refrigeration system with 5.6 cubic feet of space, TruLumina LED interior lighting in 14 different colors, and two adjustable/removable encapsulated glass shelves. Available in a 24” overlay with a glass door (shown), overlay panel, or stainless steel with a glass door as well as 54 unique finish and hardware combinations.


Our 24” Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers and 24” Undercounter Freezer Drawers are designed to provide complete flexibility while also enhancing any existing space. The Drawers not only optimize cold storage and organization but they can form snack stations, bar stations, or even grilling stations. Each unit features 5.4 cubic feet of capacity and is made with our industry exclusive, 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior. Patented TruLumina LED lighting gently illuminates the interior with a choice of 14 different ambient color options at the push of a button. True Precision Control with steel touch technology and readout provides digital accuracy while a balanced, forced-air refrigeration system enables rapid product pull down and even temperature throughout. Each unit contains 2 heavy-duty bin dividers per drawer and features an exclusive True Glide soft close feature for both drawers. The drawers are also rated for both beverage and open food storage and are Star-K compliant. Designers and homeowners can also customize their unit in our Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware, yielding a total of 54 unique color combinations that include stainless steel, cobalt, matte white, antique white, gloss black, ultra matte black, matte black, emerald, and saffron finishes. Complementing hardware colors range from stainless steel, pewter, copper, brass, gold, and chrome.