There is a reason we sell glass-door refrigerators and wine cabinets. They showcase the interior contents and entice you and your guests to partake. They, like a silent host, offer you a drink and ask you to make yourself at home. They show off your carefully curated collection, and that’s why sometimes we need two glass doors instead of one.

Stacked Wine Cabinets

When your wine collection contains multiple types of wine, you want them all perfectly stored and equally inviting. Your guests will immediately know they came to the right place, where good wine and good conversation is always welcome.

By stacking two True Wine Cabinets you can perfectly preserve 90 bottles of your favorite wines. Shown here with a single zone below and a dual zone above, your 90 bottles are held in the 3 independently controlled zones.


Each of these zones can be set anywhere from 40 to 65 degrees to ensure your reds, whites and sparkling wines are all ready to be shared at the perfect temperatures. From Bordeaux to Pinot to Burgundy, no matter what type of bottle you’re storing, True’s glide-out, vibration-dampening racks will not only protect your favorite vintage, but will also accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes.

Wine racks

To help you find the perfect temperatures, Wine Spectator provides some general guidelines for storing wines. Wines, like people, are all unique so let these temperatures serve as suggestions for your favorite Sauvignon Blancs, Rosés, or Merlots.

Type of Wine Serving Temperature
Light, dry white wines, rosés, sparkling wines 40 to 50 degrees F
Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds 50 to 60 degrees F
Full-boded red wines and ports 60 to 65 degrees F

For more info on our wine cabinets, check out the Product Page. Need inspiration on creating your entertaining space? Check out our True Portfolio.