Sometimes just a quick little makeover is all your kitchen needs to make it look as fresh as the produce you just brought home. If you have the True basics that can withstand the tests of time, be it style or “shelf life,” all you’ll really need to update over the years are the simple things. Here are five quick kitchen makeover tips that will help remind you that purchasing a refrigerator for the long haul was truly a great idea:

Cabinet Polish and Repaint

Some are better than others at weekly wipe downs above the countertops in the kitchen. Splashes from the stovetop can quickly create build up that accumulates all over the hood and the cabinets surrounding the main cooking area. If a deep clean and polish doesn’t give your cabinets the glow they once had, it might be time for a quick and easy makeover. Changing the color can make your kitchen look brand new. After all, the insides of the cabinets are still perfect!

Power Wash the Tiles

We’re not accusing you of letting the dirt pile up in the kitchen! But just like the outside of your home, some parts of the inside could benefit from a deep power wash as well. Between the cooks and the foot traffic, a lot of dirt passes through. Call a professional to get your tiles cleaned, and you won’t believe the difference in the grout and shine! The floor will feel brand new.

Howchow chair

Switch out the Chairs

You might not realize it, but your dining chairs in the kitchen could be stealing the spotlight! Try some simple replacements like a freestanding plastic solid chair. Or, an acrylic chair adds depth to your space.

A metal chair can pick up accents like our True brass finish from across the room!

Upgrade your Dishes

Whether it’s Crate and Barrel or fine china, a dish upgrade or even just replacement is always a nice addition to the kitchen. Many of us don’t realize how many dishes we lose over the years from dishwasher chips and accidents until it’s too late. Kitchens with frosty glass or clear glass cabinets will benefit the most!

Add a new Faucet

The sink station is where a lot of the action happens. Installing a new faucet can make a sink look brand new, even if it’s not the trendiest basin at the moment. Add some of your favorite local soaps, a brand new scrubbing sponge and a dish towel, and clean up time will be a whole new experience!