We are excited to announce a brilliant new initiative enacted by our parent company, True Manufacturing, which has been in operation since 1945. With our state-of-the-art Missouri production facility, True, as a whole, is able to meet a new critical market demand while simultaneously helping to protect the public. Plex Shield, a collection of barrier panels for retail, commercial, and hospitality-oriented businesses, was conceived of as a necessary safeguard during this period of time. A decades-long history providing commercial refrigeration for these types of environments gives us a unique understanding of how best to prioritize health and safety.

Current Plex Shield designs include a Desktop Protective Shield, a Front-Mount Protective Shield, a Hanging Protective Shield, a Hanging Sneeze Guard and more. Sizes and configurations can be customized for various workstations, lunch areas, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, hospitals, salons, and businesses of this nature—hospitals included. Taking the health and safety of all essential and non-essential workers is incredibly important to us as a family-owned business.

In addition, Plex Shield panels are constructed from ¼” acrylic panels that are easy to clean and to disinfect. For ease of use, optional connectors are available to link multiple single panels together for custom configurations while convenient pass-through sections can also be included when needed for the allowance of safe document and small item exchanges. We have also made it a priority to offer short lead times to help businesses increase safety practices as quickly as possible. The new collection of protective barriers include divider panels that are mounted on free standing supports for easy transport. Likewise, the panels are easy to assemble and don’t require any tools. For more information, standard dimensions, or to order Plex Shield, please visit the True Store. True customers can also order through foodservice equipment dealers.