“Success is the sum of a lot of small things done correctly.”

– Auguste Escoffier, pioneer of French cuisine and renowned worldwide for his approach to kitchen management

At True, we love introducing customers—especially designers and other specifiers—to our process. We’re certainly proud of the fact that our refrigerators are designed, engineered, and built—not just assembled—in America, and we enjoy showing off our people and the tools they use—the handcrafting from coiled rolls of stainless steel all the way to finished product—but the things we love showing off the most are the small things, the attention to meticulous design that’s been a part of the True brand since the beginning and continues to set us apart.

For example, we’re obsessive about quality control. Our guests frequently remark on the columns of signatures attached to work spaces throughout our facilities. On average, every step in the process of producing a True product requires over 20 unique signatures.

From our advanced technology to the skill and precision of the men and women forming our raw materials, we believe that no detail is too small to obsess over. And our attention to detail doesn’t end when a finished refrigerator gets its signatures; we actually build, from reclaimed wood, our own custom pallets to ensure that when True products leave our facilities, they’re tended to with the same care that True products—and their owners—deserve.