We’re feeling the blues lately—when it comes to design that is! Our newest hue, Bluestone, easily slides between presenting as a neutral or a strong, bold focal point. Its timeless staying power was what initially drew us, but we always gravitate to versatility above all—and this shade has it in spades. Whether coupled with a turquoise, teal, a navy, or a sky blue or colorful patterns with a blue background—Bluestone holds it down. See below for some of our favorite pairings—including those to match some of our metal hardware options.

These two blues might be in the same color category but they are worlds apart—yet they look sublime when situated near each other. KGBL’s Armstrong sofa features a solid silicon bronze frame and a cotton and linen velvet fabric on the seats and cushions for the ultimate comfort.

Ippodo Gallery’s recent awe-inspiring exhibit of Japanese kogei (art and craft) featured the work of 22 living artists who employed the use of traditional Japanese materials and techniques in a contemporary manner. Designed by Kodai Ujie, the decorative ceramic vessel on the left pays homage to Japan’s traditional ceramic and lacquering techniques. Hiroshi Goseki’s bizen-class ceramic involves the use of imported bizen clay, the combination of wheel-thrown and hand-built techniques, and a fourteen-day kiln fire. It just goes to show how varying shades of blue—melded with differing amounts and types of color—look equally good with Bluestone.

Gucci’s new Flora print wallpaper is part of the brand’s new ‘Souvenir from Rome’ collection of furniture and decorative pieces designed by Alessandro Michele. The designs feature motifs and patterns from the ready-to-wear collection, revamped for various furnishings. This particular archival Flora motif—an original design by Vittorio Accornero in the 60s—features a light blue background and an eye-catching array of garden flowers. Busy or plain—all patterns look good with Bluestone!

We, of course, love it when designers and/or homeowners match their True Residential units’ hardware to existing design elements—or vice versa. We particularly loved Lee Broom’s Fulcrum LED Mini Pendant Light in polished gold and the Crescent Light Pendant with its brushed brass fascia shown between the bisected sphere. Bluestone is available in both our Gold and Brass hardware options!

Artistic Tile’s Mano Pyramide Blue Field Tile references the hand-drawn, geometric patterns on a white background in the traditional style of Maiolica tile. Shown in a range of blues over an ivory background, each pattern repeat offers a dynamic appeal. It also showcases just how well Bluestone goes with all shades of blue. While the tile is available for kitchen applications, we’ve always said our Beverage Centers and Undercounter Drawers are excellent additions to the bathroom—think cold waters, cold towels, cold cream storage, etc.