There are so many kitchen design trends that change per season, per year, and per decade. But one item that never seems to fluctuate in necessity? The refrigerator. One of the most heavily-used appliances in any kitchen, refrigerators need to be durable, exhibit exceptional performance, ensure items are kept fresh, and be able to withstand constant handling.

As a luxury home refrigeration brand with commercial DNA–our refrigerators are built to last—and with a myriad of finish and hardware options,  there is no shortage of style. An element that sets us apart in the market. True Residential refrigerators not only incorporate the commercial-quality performance of our parent company, True Refrigeration, but they are tailored to residential interiors—meaning they are quiet without sacrificing any functionality. Our units’ expanded interior space continues to surpass those of other residential refrigerators and they are all available in our large and ever-growing collection of finishes and hardware—perfect to suit anyone’s design needs.

An equal counterpart, ranges are also some of the most heavily used components in the kitchen—and often the single most designed around appliance. But with ever-evolving climate concerns and cooking preferences amongst chefs, the constantly changing debate over gas vs. electric stoves and the possibility of swapping one out at some point is a growing consideration when planning one’s design scheme. According to a report by Curbed, in 2019, California took the lead on the gas-to-electric movement, with Berkeley legally banning the installation of natural gas lines in new homes and buildings to curb carbon emissions. Hence the move to refrigerators as the first focus of a design plan—they’re the least likely appliance, material, or decor accent that will be overhauled in a renovation. And ours withstand the test of time.

So while trends and ways of thought continue to change, it only makes sense designers are consistently shifting to designing kitchens around the refrigerator. Cabinets can be repainted, finishes switched, and light fixtures swapped out, but when the right refrigerator is chosen, everything falls into place. Our evolving collection of finishes currently includes a variety of neutrals or semi-neutrals—colors that tend to go with a myriad of design styles, schemes, and colors—allowing for design changes when necessary. We also worked hard to choose the colors that can serve as both neutrals and bold design choices—it’s all in the design sleight of hand.