If you’ve made it this far into our website, chances are you’ve already fallen in love with one of our products. Be it a refrigerator, freezer, outdoor application or undercounter drawers, you might be feeling overwhelmed about how to fit everything into your kitchen. While some might be able to simply take measurements and order from a sales representative, many will need assistance from a designer. We already know there are a lot of choices when it comes to refrigeration, and we appreciate you considering True. So let us help you decide how to make some True changes in your kitchen by choosing a designer who can help restore balance and create flow in what is the landing room for many homes. 

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How To Choose a Designer:

Ask around.

Chances are your friends, colleagues or perhaps parents at your child’s school have just done a kitchen renovation or partial refurbishment. Ask for names and more specifically, ask what the client liked, didn’t like and would change if he or she went through the process again. This will help generate leads but also eliminate questionable resources.

Set a budget.

Designers charge by the hour, the project and the distribution costs. Once you are in the same ballpark as the designer of your choice, ask things like, “Do you upcharge from factory prices?” “If I find something cheaper on my own, can we adjust the project cost?”

Determine your level of involvement.

Many homeowners will turn a key over to a designer or contractor and keep fingers crossed that all goes well. Decide how often you want to check in and be involved. Does your designer appoint a lead contractor for the job? Who will update you on the project and when?

Review pictures.

Save pictures you like and be sure to look at pictures the designer has to offer. What sounds like a simply, straightforward conversation could turn into a large misunderstanding of your wants versus what is actually delivered and installed. Pictures and specific plans help minimize miscommunications.