ST. LOUIS,April 24, 2012—The patented TriLumina ™ Lighting system by True Professional Series ® brings flexible sophistication to home entertaining. This proprietary lighting system transforms the ambiance of any entertainment space from a gentle white to awarm amber or cool azure blue with the simple push of a button. This uniquelighting system adds a luxurious feature to True’s products that are unmatchedin today’s market. 

The True Professional Series® TriLumina ™ Lighting system adds an adjustable elegance to the newest True Professional Series® products including the DualZone Wine CabinetDesigned to fit every space and décor, the Dual Zone Wine Cabinet is crafted to accommodate up to 45 bottles of wine with two distinct temperature zones for perfect preservation and wine service no matter the varietal.  

“With the added style feature of TriLumina ™ LED lighting, consumers can be sure that their wines arestored in the ideal environment, while also having the flexibility to enhance the mood of any space. Combined with True’s exclusive ratings for both indoor and outdoor usage, the Dual Zone Wine Cabinet can be enjoyed in any entertaining area,” states True Director of Sales and Marketing Steve Proctor.  

Additionally, the TriLumina ™ Lighting system will be integrated into True’s new 15-inch undercounter series scheduled to launch in the fall of 2012.